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Product-related services

We offer you a large number of product-related services to assist your operating processes. Take a look for yourself.

LED service

Ease of maintenance, cost efficient operation and long working life – there are many good reasons why electricians, facility managers, and real estate owners are retrofitting with LEDs.

Free of charge initial consultation by phone

Have you already thought about modernising the lighting technology throughout your building? Or perhaps you already have specific questions about a project for retrofitting with LEDs? Simply make an appointment for a consultation by phone. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Competent on-site advice

We remain at your service even after the initial consultation. In cooperation with our partners, we will support you throughout the entire retrofitting process. We will visit your site, provide consultation, and deliver all the components you will need to complete your retrofitting project – from ballasts to the finished LED lamps. In addition, you can take advantage of our comprehensive after-sales advice for all technical questions relating to your items.

Interesting additional information

Worthwhile and exciting background information on LED lighting systems and a contact form for arranging an appointment can be found on our LED retrofitting microsite.

Reeling service

Together with our long-term partners we have developed a reeling service to support you in speeding up your production processes by automation.

We can supply you with a comprehensive range of components on reels. The reels include a pre-tensioning and finishing band and can be inserted directly into your placement machine. This offers you great savings in expense and time.

Easy orientation within the shop

All components that you can order as reeled goods can be recognized in our shop because they bear the following symbol:

Visit our EMS microsite

For further information we recommend you take a look at our EMS microsite. Here you will discover why Bürklin Elektronik is your competent EMS distributor and first address for production services.

Please contact us for individual reeling requirements or general questions of the subject of reeling. We will be pleased to advise you.

3D printing service

Users who have only occasional requirements for 3D printing find they cannot justify procurement of their own 3D printer. The solution is Bürklin Elektronik with their innovative 3D printing service.

If you have the 3D data available for the object you desire you can have us print your object quickly, economically and in various materials.

New information about 3D printing

3D printing fascinates everyone, be they professional user, DIY enthusiast or education institute. Therefore we have created our own microsite on this topic, and keep it regularly updated in the fields of new trends, product solutions and interesting background information. Register here for the 3D printing microsite.

Individual advice

Whether you have specific development or manufacturing tasks involving 3D printing technology, or simply are interested to learn more on the subject: contact us. Our 3D printing experts would be happy to advise you.

Cable manufacturing service

Our cable manufacturing service allows you to deal with peaks in demand or staffing bottlenecks quickly and without complications.

For instance our ISO-certified partners can manufacture more than 3,000 different types of cable on demand.

We look after the storage

In addition if you require it we keep the manufactured cables in store in our warehouse, ready for you to call off at short notice. You are relieved of the costs of storage. We agree with you the ordering procedure, the applicable standards and the test steps. At your required date you receive the finished cables together with the agreed test certificates.

Calibration service

Not only the duration of use but also the stress and environmental conditions inevitably lead to a reduction in the accuracy of electronic components in measuring instruments.

Periodic calibration is therefore essential to achieve sustained reliable measurement results.

On request, maintenance included

As a customer of Bürklin Elektronik you know that you can always expect a little more from us than from other electronics distributors. For instance we supply you with everything you need for maintaining and testing your measuring instruments. But if you wish we can even do much more for you. Together with our partners we can take over the calibration of your measuring instruments to the DIN ISO 9000f quality standard.