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Cable assembly at Bürklin Elektronik

Do you need reliable and high-quality cable assembly at short notice? A high quality standard combined with fast processing and short delivery times are Bürklin Elektronik's hallmarks.

At Bürklin Elektronik, the term cable assembly means the production of individual, ready-to-connect cables, strands and cable harnesses on your behalf. Through individual support, we can find the right solution for you together with you as our customer. We have the right experts on site who can provide you with professional advice. Our range of cable assemblies extends from simple pigtail solutions to complex cable harnesses. Depending on your requirements, Bürklin Elektronik can supply you with small quantities, for example for prototype construction or take over the complete logistics for large projects and production lines. Contact our experts today:

Phone: +49 89 55875-229

Free selection of cables and connectors for cable assembly at Bürklin Elektronik

For our cable assembly we have a large number of partners at our disposal. This makes us manufacturer-independent, from which you benefit: Both in the selection of the cables and lines used and the connectors used, we have the necessary freedom to respond to your individual wishes. In principle, you can fall back on the entire Bürklin Elektronik product range for cable assembly. In this case we take over the order and complete logistics of the used materials for you. Special procurements for your applications are also possible. Alternatively, you can supply some or all materials for cable assembly. In this case we take over the assembly together with our partner and deliver the finished cable or cable harness to you. For your special requirements we also offer the possibility of overmoulding your cable assembly with plastic. By using appropriate cables and connectors we are able to protect your wiring harness against environmental influences according to IP67 and IP69K. In addition to conventional solutions with copper cables and conductors, we at Bürklin Elektronik offer individually assembled optical waveguides together with our partners. Whether ready-to-connect fibre optic lines or individual fibre optic distribution systems: together with our partners, we can also offer you the right solutions for your individual fibre optic requirements. 

High quality standard in cable assembly from Bürklin Elektronik

All our partners in cable assembly are ISO 9001:2008 certified. For special requirements we can also fall back on partners with further certifications, for example the AS/EN 9100 for the aerospace industry. Cable assembly by UL-certified partners is also possible. But certificates are not everything: For Bürklin Elektronik, quality and reliability come first. That is why we carry out regular inspections of our packaging partners. This is the only way we can deliver the quality you need. 

Short delivery time for cable assemblies at Bürklin Elektronik

Admittedly, we cannot keep our delivery promise for our stock range for your individual cable assembly, after all, your cable harness must first be assembled. Nevertheless, we have optimized our logistics and processes for cable assembly so that we can convince with a short delivery time. The best way to discuss particularly urgent cases is with your contact person - we will find a solution for your needs.

Contact our experts for cable assembly

Do you have any questions about our cable assembly service? Write us an e-mail or give us a call, our colleagues in the cable assembly expert team will be happy to help you:

Phone: +49 89 55875-229

Do you need a solution at short notice and can you possibly fall back on a standard? Discover our range of pre-assembled cables and wires: