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Snap-in Aluminium electrolyt capacitors, long life grade


  • Frequency converters
  • Professional power supplies in industrial electronics and in data processing equipment
  • Switch-mode power supplies in entertainment electronics
  • Voltage derating (0.93 ? VR) enables 105 °C operation, more details available upon request
  • Long useful life
  • High reliability
  • Outstanding ripple current capability
  • Extremely improved performance at high frequencies
  • Outstanding low ESR at operating conditions above 50 °C
  • High CV product, compact
  • Optimized internal thermal resistance
  • Different case sizes available for each capacitance value
  • RoHS-compatible
  • Charge/discharge-proof, polar
  • Aluminum case, fully insulated with PVC
  • Snap-in solder pins to hold component in place on PC-board
  • Minus pole marking on case surface
  • Minus pole not insulated from case
  • Overload protection by safety vent on the base