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Proximity switch, 10 V·A, Changeover, 0.5 A

  • On-state current: 0.5 A
  • contact resistance: 0.29 Ω
  • min. closure sensitivity: 35 at
  • max. closure sensitivity: 58 at
  • max. ambient temperature: 80 °C
Order No. 30 G 263
Manufacturer No. MK11-1C90C-500W
Series MK11

€ 987.70
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scale from 100
Price* per piece € 9.877
Näherungsschalter mit Reedkontakt StandexMeder MK11 aus Edelstahl. Kontakt: Wechsler, Schaltleistung: max. 10 W, Schaltspannung: AC/DC max. 175 V, Transportstrom: max. 1 A, Sensorwiderstand: 290 mOhm, Anschluss: Flachbandkabel 3 x 0,14 mm², 500 mm lang, Zentralbefestigung: Feingewinde M 5 x 0,5.
Breaking capacity 10 V·A
Contact type Changeover
switching current 0.5 A
On-state current 0.5 A
contact resistance 0.29 Ω
min. closure sensitivity 35 at
max. closure sensitivity 58 at
max. ambient temperature 80 °C
min. ambient temperature -30 °C
Fall time 0.7 ms
Activation time 1.5 ms
The above illustration may deviate
  • Featuring a cylindrical housing, this switch is very easy to attach precisely using two nuts. The pre-installed 500 mm cable takes care of the electrical connection.
  • This switch features a stainless steel housing and is particularly well suited for applications in the food industry or in household appliances.
  • The magnetic strength of the actuator and the positions of the switch and the magnet are crucial for the opening and closing points of the arrangement.
  • The reed switch is installed on the fixed part and the actuator on the moving part.
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