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Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators

The primary function of pressure regulators or pressure control valves is imposing an upper pressure limit within a system and evening out pressure variations as much as possible in order to protection of machines or conserve energy. This function essentially according to two principles: The directly controlled membrane control valve, by means of an adjustable main spring controlled by a setting dial, exerts a variable force on a diaphragm on which a sealing element is located. In pilot-operated piston regulating valves, the so-called pilot piston assumes them diaphragm’s regulating function. The actual movement of the regulating piston is driven by the difference between inlet and outlet pressure. Pressure regulators are used in all applications in which arriving compressed air must be regulated to a given value, which can be set on the regulator. Pressure regulators are extremely versatile and are used in the packing industry in, systems engineering, and in testing machines, for example.