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Hand tools are designed to increase the power of human hands. With pliers that is done with the mechanical implementation of the law of the lever. The low manual force at one end of the pliers is converted into a larger force at the pliers head. Force effectiveness can increase easily. The greater the distance between the joint of the pliers and the handles, and the smaller the distance between the joint and the tip of the plier’s head, the greater the compressive force of the pliers. In addition to the compressive force of the pliers, the possibility of using them in places which are difficult to access is also an important criterion for users in the electronics industry. Pliers are generally differentiated between three types: cutting pliers, gripping pliers and universal pliers. There are around 100 different types of conventional pliers – you can find all types of pliers needed for electrical work and other tasks here at Bürklin.

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