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Passive Components

Passive Components

Passive devices are electrical consumers. They take power from the electrical supply, and convert or store it. These parts play a prominent role in industrial production and manufacture of electrical equipment. Scarcely any electrical circuit fails to include at least one member of this fundamental product group. Since they possess neither an amplification effect nor any kind of control function in electrical circuits, they are characterised by a constant value for their electrical resistance or conductivity. It is precisely this criterion that distinguishes passive devices from active devices, which in contrast are controlled or influenced by the application of voltage or electric current. Whether your requirement is now for capacitors or resistors, potentiometers or thermistors and varistors, inductances or fuses – you will benefit from our many years of experience in the sector. This is because the entire range of passive devices that Bürklin Elektronik holds for you is the result of trust built up over decades of relationships with our well-known partners in the industry. You can rely on that.