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PeakTech P 3434 Cable finder / Wire Tracker

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Product by PeakTech at Bürklin Elektronik

This new cable finder works acoustically and provides a fast and cost-effective solution for finding voltage-free lines in house installations, testing telephone lines and identifying individual cables / wires or performing a continuity test.

With the transmitter / sound generator, a carrier signal is modulated to an electrical conductor, which you can track with the receiver / amplifier with built-in speaker or via a headphone jack.

You can also control the sensitivity using a rotary knob on the receiver to achieve the best possible identification even with coring wires.

When connected to a telephone jack via the RJ-11 connector, the LED of the transmitter indicates the status of the active telephone line between ''free'', ''busy'' or ''ringing''.

In addition, the transmitter has a continuity test, in which the LED lights up brightly when passing through and attenuates with increasing resistance.

•Transmitter modulates 1 kHz signal to connected line

•Reliably identifies electrical conductors, telephone and network cables

•With acoustic signal via loudspeaker or headphone connection

•Adjust the volume / sensitivity with the rotary wheel

•Condition assessment of active telephone lines

•Integrated continuity tester

Technical specifications
Width 57 mm
Weight 0.27 kg
Height 25.4 mm
Length 228 mm
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Country of origin CN
RoHS conform Yes
Date of RoHS guidelines 3/31/15
SVHC free Yes