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Miniature Fuses, Safety Fuses

Miniature Fuses, Safety Fuses

Safety fuses, also called miniature fuses, belong to the family of fuses that blow. The fusible wire is contained within a glass or ceramic tube and blows in the event of a short circuit. The breaking capacity is determined by the blowing characteristic. This ranges from super slow-blow to super quick-blow. The application fields differ accordingly. Super quick-blow fuses are particularly suitable for digital measuring devices or dimmers, whilst super slow-blow fuses are suitable for devices with high starting inrush currents that die away only slowly. Depending on the field of application, SMD versions are available, as are fuses with axial and radial connections for fitting on to circuit boards. At Bürklin Elektronik you can be sure – you will receive from us nothing but selected reliable and proven items for professional use.

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