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Metal plate resistors and wire-wound resistors

Metal plate resistors and wire-wound resistors

Wire resistors generally consist of a cylindrical ceramic base body around which the resistance wire is wound. This wire may for instance be coated with an iron-nickel alloy, constantan or manganin. The protective coating can also consist of various different materials such as enamel or cement. This means that wire resistors are particularly stable over the long term and under the influence of temperature, with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 800 °C without problems. Precise winding and constant measurement of the resistance during manufacture permit very tight tolerances, i.e. high accuracy of the component. Metal plate resistors consist of a metal plate made of a special alloy, such as one composed of nickel, chromium, iron and copper. The plate is punched out in a bow shape and is provided with connection wires without caps. This shape ensures an even distribution of temperature.

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