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Register, PDIP20, THT, High Speed CMOS

  • Design: THT
  • Technology: High Speed CMOS

Order No. 62 S 8934

Manufacturer name

Texas Instruments



Manufacturer No.


This product will soon be discontinued.

Technical features

High Speed CMOS

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer name Texas Instruments
Series 74HCT
Manufacturer number 74HCT374N
Country of origin Malaysia
Customs tariff number 85423390
The above illustration may deviate

Logic chips, High-Speed CMOS with TTL compatible inputs, series ..74HCT.

  • Conformities

    RoHS compliant (08.06.2011)
    REACH not relevant
    PAK not specified
    PFOS not specified
    SVHC free (Date not available)
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