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linear Hall sensor, 6 mT, 200 mT, 16

  • Active power consumption: 7 mA
  • Passive power consumption: 0 nA
  • max. output current (Io): 1.2 mA
  • Blocking layer temperature, min.: -40 °C
  • Junction gate temperature, max.: 170 °C
Order No. 65 S 429
Manufacturer No. HAL2455UT-A-2-A-2-00
Series HAL24xy

This product is no longer available.

Programming range start +/- 6 mT
Programmed range end +/- 200 mT
Linearisation points 16
Active power consumption 7 mA
Passive power consumption 0 nA
max. output current (Io) 1.2 mA
Blocking layer temperature, min. -40 °C
Junction gate temperature, max. 170 °C
over and/or under voltage detection present Yes
VDD breakdown detection available Yes
GND breakdown detection available Yes
Overcurrent detection present No
min. supply voltage 4.5 V
max. supply voltage 5.5 V
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