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LED lights and LED spot lights

LED lights and LED spot lights

Compared with ordinary and fluorescent light bulbs, LED lamps and spotlights are particularly efficient because they require only about 10 percent of the energy to produce the same light output. In addition, they are environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful gases and solids. However, since they have largely the same base sockets and sockets as conventional lamps, they can always be quickly and easily replaced with normal lamps. Warm white light can be produced not only with the old light bulb, but also with modern LED lights. Degrees Kelvin are used to denote colour temperature. The lower the value –best between 2,500 K and 3,000 K– the warmer and cosier is the light. LED spot lights take over the function of halogen reflector lamps and also save energy. In addition, like all LED illuminants, they hardly give off any heat. Therefore, they are suitable, e.g., as food and plant lighting.

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