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LDO regulator, 2.85 V, 450 mA, positive

  • min. input voltage: 1.9 V
  • max. input voltage: 5.5 V
  • Type of issuing: fixed 
  • Tolerance range: ±2.0 
  • Design: SMD 
Order No. 43 S 378
Manufacturer No. NCP161BMX285TBG

€ 119.00
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scale from 1000 from 3000 from 9000
Price* per piece € 0.119 € 0.11138 € 0.1071
Nominal value of first output voltage 2.85 V
Output current 450 mA
Polarity positive
min. input voltage 1.9 V
max. input voltage 5.5 V
Type of issuing fixed
Tolerance range ±2.0
Design SMD
Version Non-Active Discharge
Housing version XDFN-4
Construction series NCP161
Type LDO regulators
Unique characteristic Ultra-Low Noise, high PSRR
Application Battery−powered Equipment
Type NCP161BMX285TBG
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