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LCD displays

LCD displays

LCD displays (LCD) – are based of the property of liquid crystals that their orientation can be changed by application of an electrical voltage. This changes their transparency to light coming from the background lighting of these display units. This light passes first through a filter which polarises the light, i.e. as it were organises it. The light then passes through a liquid crystal layer in which, due the applied voltage, the crystals have taken up a particular orientation. Thus guided, the light passes through a colour filter and after passing through a further polarisation filter it acquires the respective colour. Each individual image dot, i.e. each pixel, in the entire LCD display contains this functionality. The greater the number of pixels, the sharper the image perceived by the human eye. LCD text displays are a particularly simple example of the LCD family. They are found in devices such as copiers, printers, routers and servers, as well as in portable measuring instruments. More complex models can also display graphics and can be controlled by touching the screen.

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