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alphanumerical LCD display, 123.2 mm, 23 mm, 146 mm

  • Length of the module: 43 mm
  • Thickness of the module: 11.1 mm
  • Number of lines: 2 
  • Number of characters per line: 20 
  • Technology: STN-YELLOW/GREEN 
Order No. 71 S 359
Manufacturer No. DEM 20232 SYH-LY-CYR22
Series DEM

€ 2,758.90
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scale from 112 from 336
Price* per piece € 24.633 € 22.491
Viewing area (width) 123.2 mm
Viewing range (height) 23 mm
Width of the module 146 mm
Length of the module 43 mm
Thickness of the module 11.1 mm
Number of lines 2
Number of characters per line 20
min. operating temperature -20 °C
type of backlight LED
Color of background Yellow/Green
Image Positive
MPU interface 8-Bit-MCU
IC controller/driver HD44780-Compatible
Character set English-Cyrillic
Module type COB
max. operating temperature 70 °C
Height of character 8.3 mm
Format 2 x 20
The above illustration may deviate
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