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Ferrite beads, radial, -55 °C, 85 °C, Fastron

  • min. rated operating frequency: 50 MHz
  • impedance: 350 Ω
  • max. operating current (at DC operating voltage): 1 A
  • Manufacturer No.: 06H-901X-00 
Order No. 79 D 1540
Manufacturer No. 06H-901X-00

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Wide Band Chokes and Beads

FASTRON's Wide Band Chokes are Ferrite- Beads, wound with tinned copper wire. These Beads are commonly used in signal filtering and it protects against radio frequency interferences to Ic's.
Applications: To filter internal and external EMI. Reduction of radiated interference on TV receivers. For all kind of Electronic Circuits. Suppression of Brush-motors and Power Supplies (SMPS)
min. temperature range -55 °C
max. temperature range 85 °C
Manufacturer name Fastron 
min. rated operating frequency 50 MHz
impedance 350 Ω
max. operating current (at DC operating voltage) 1 A
Manufacturer No. 06H-901X-00 
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