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Energy Measurement, Loggers, PV

Energy Measurement, Loggers, PV

Whether for private households or industrial and commercial uses, you can always rely on power consumption counters from the assortment of Bürklin elektronik. Modern equipment for 1-phase alternating current have a LCD display, showing not only the current consumption but give also practical information such as values for power, voltage and current. Manufactured and calibrated in compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), they provide precise consumption control. The same is true of professional energy meters for 3-phase AC networks. Easy to install and modularly expandable, they adapt to any need. The so-called loggers work as an interface between water, heat or energy meters and gas meters. This ensures that all essential values for building management are recorded and logged. Through a LAN connection, data can be transmitted and evaluated on a computer.

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