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Ferrite beads, axial, 21 Ω (21R), -55 °C, 85 °C

  • max. rated operating frequency: 10 MHz
  • max. operating current (DC operating voltage): 4 A
Order No. 79 D 1518
Manufacturer No. BEAD/8-210P-02
Series BEAD/8

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Roll with 1000 pieces


€ 107.10
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Wide Band Chokes and Beads
FASTRON's Wide Band Chokes are Ferrite- Beads, wound with tinned copper wire. These Beads are commonly used in signal filtering and it protects against radio frequency interferences to Ic's.
To filter internal and external EMI. Reduction of radiated interference on TV receivers. For all kind of Electronic Circuits.
Suppression of Brush-motors and Power Supplies (SMPS)
impedance 21 Ω
min. temperature range -55 °C
max. temperature range 85 °C
max. rated operating frequency 10 MHz
max. operating current (DC operating voltage) 4 A
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