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Electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors are capacitors with specific polarity. When connected in a DC circuit the correct polarity must be strictly observed. They are used for smoothing voltage spikes and for balancing fluctuations in voltage, for “sieving” the rectified AC in power supply units and as voltage buffers in electronic circuits. Their capacitance ranges up to 100 mF (millifarad). In contrast to conventional capacitors, their cathode consists of an electrolyte, i.e. a conductive liquid. Electrolytic capacitors have the capability to absorb current burdens of approx. 50 A/µs when minimal fluctuations in voltage occur. Amongst other things this outstanding characteristic qualifies them for use in power supply units, especially in conjunction with memory chips, main circuit boards or for instance graphics processors, for which such current burden requirements regular occur. Make use of our wide range of high-quality devices from selected manufacturers.

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