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E core, B66361G1000X187, EPCOS, ETD 34/17/11

  • Material: N87 
  • Luftspalt: Yes 
  • Accessories: E core 
  • AL-Wert: 153 nH
Order No. 83 D 5254
Manufacturer No. B66361G1000X187

Order information
For a gapped core, please order the corresponding core without air gap (dimension g = 0)


€ 1.14
There are 1345 piece in stock

scale from 1 from 10 from 50 from 100
Price* per piece € 1.1424 € 0.8449 € 0.6783 € 0.6069

E cores ETD34, type TDK/Epcos B66361.

To IEC 61185. With optimized weight/volume/power ratio. Made of silicon ferrite materials; refer to the corresponding data table at the end of the cores section. The corresponding core without air gap (dimension g = 0) must be ordered along with the gapped core (dimension g). Both cores will produce the specified AL reference value; Basic dimensions of a ready-to-use transformer or signal transformer: horizontal L 43, W 40, H 35 mm, vertical L 27.5, W 40, H 46 mm.


Technical attributes (type, dimension g, AL value, material type): B66361G1000X187, 1.0 mm, 153 nH, N87

Manufacturer No. B66361G1000X187
Manufacturer name EPCOS
Schalenform ETD 34/17/11
Material N87
Luftspalt Yes
Accessories E core
AL-Wert 153 nH
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