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Double-layer capacitors

Double-layer capacitors

Double-layer capacitors – DSK or EDLC (Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors) – are also called supercapacitors or ultracapacitors. On a volumetric basis these capacitors rank as having the highest energy density – they outrank comparable batteries – and the highest capacitance values. Depending on the type, their capacitance can range between 1 and a few 100 F (Farad). In Helmholtz double-layer capacitors, the electrodes store electrical energy not only on an electrostatic basis but also on an electrochemical basis. Double-layer capacitors are characterised by the presence between the carbon electrodes of a liquid electrolyte and also a separator. They possess outstanding conductivity. The higher the conductivity, the more quickly the capacitor will charge and discharge. It is precisely this characteristic, coupled with its high impulse withstand capability and long working life that make double-layer capacitors attractive for use in high-power electric vehicles. Study our outstanding range at your leisure, and make the right choice for your exact individual requirements. Then relax and rely on our delivery promise.

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