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Diodes are fundamental devices within semiconductor technology. Their special structure, which juxtaposes differently charged semiconductor materials so that they are in contact with each other, allows current to flow practically unobstructed in only one direction – the forward direction. No current flows in the opposite direction, the reverse direction. Because of this characteristic, diodes are very often used as rectifier diodes. At the output these deliver a rippling DC, which is used to power almost all domestic appliances. Special types of diode include small-signal diodes, switching diodes and Z-diodes. Whilst the first-mentioned diodes are used for rectification of signals – such as for tuning frequencies – switching diodes are suitable for particularly rapid changeover from the forward direction to the reverse direction. Z-diodes, also called Zener diodes, are silicon semiconductor diodes which can actually be operated in the reverse direction. They thus have the ability to limit voltage spikes. Whatever the field of application, we offer you a wide choice of diodes.

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