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Cutting and bending tool, VB 12, A 1.1 - 1.2, B 6.0 - 40, C 2.0, D 3.6 - 15 mm

Order No. 05 L 7717

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Supplied without single component feed and component counter, please order these separately


€ 1,204.28
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scale from 1
Price* per piece € 1,204.28

Technical features

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer name Cutbend
Manufacturer number 920.1006
Country of origin Switzerland
Customs tariff number 84633000
The above illustration may deviate

Component cutting and bending tools, type Cutbend VB

For fast bending and cutting of taped components. The adjustment star is used to transfer the grid directly to the machine, for example, from the print plate. When in operation, the cut and bent components are collected in a container. At the same time, the belt and the wire residue is deflected to the rear. Maximum possible production capacity: 40000 components/h. Available on separate order: single-component feeding for processing unbelted components (body diameter 2.3 up to 6.5 mm, body length 4.0 up to 25 mm, overall length up to 98 mm), automatically sorting and centering for feeding them into the device. The device can be equipped with an additional component counter (up to 999999, up/down) that is described below in detail (type CC 15)

Dimensions (without crank): W 145, L 175, H 160

Crank length: 160 mm

Weight: 1.9 kg.

Type: VB 12

Adjustment dimensions (A, B, C (minimum), D): A 1.1 - 1.2, B 6.0 - 40, C 2.0, D 3.6 - 15 mm

  • Conformities

    RoHS not relevant
    REACH not relevant
    PAK not specified
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    SVHC free (Date not available)
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