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Cast SMD choke, 1 µH, 1.2 A, 0.16 Ω (R16)

  • min. inductance tolerance, relative: -10 %
  • max. inductance tolerance, relative: 10 %
  • Quality: G 45 
  • Measuring frequency: 25.2 MHz
  • Resonant frequency: 174 MHz
Order No. 85 D 276
Manufacturer No. CCSS-1R0K-04
Series CCSS

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Roll with 1700 pieces


€ 546.21
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scale from 1700 from 8500 from 13600
Price* per piece € 0.3213 € 0.2856 € 0.2737
Moulded Inductors
FASTRON Moulded Inductor CCS series always provides a great alternative whenever you need a very high inductance inductor to come in a SMD package. The CCS series has tin plated terminations and is encapsulated with high temperature resistance material suitable to work in tough environments. The inductances range from 1uH to up 33000uH.
This SMD part has been widely accepted by users that prefer to use reflow soldering for their production line instead of through-hole mounting. Some of them include medical, automotive and communication products.
Rated inductance 1 µH
Rated current 1.2 A
ohmic resistance 0.16 Ω
min. inductance tolerance, relative -10 %
max. inductance tolerance, relative 10 %
Quality G 45
Measuring frequency 25.2 MHz
Resonant frequency 174 MHz
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