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In it for the long term - Fluke’s first 70 years

Keeping your world up and running.

Ever since Fluke's first meter in 1948, Fluke technologies have helped shape the nature of electrical testing and troubleshooting. Fluke instruments are in the toolboxes of professionals across the world—people who stake their reputations on their measurements. Seventy years’ innovation have established their reputation for rugged, safe, easy to use and top quality portable tools:

Digital multimeters and clamp meters — the workhorse instruments

Fluke is still innovating in their core market-DMM’s and clamp meters for electricians. The Fluke 279 FC fullfeatured digital multimeter integrates a thermal imager so you can see what’s wrong from a safe distance, and then measure it. The DMM combines neatly with our iFlex® flexible current clamp to measure currents in tight, hard-to-reach spaces.

Thermal imagers — making faults instantly visible

One of the most productive of all energy efficiency actions is to walk through a building or process with a thermal imager. Fluke pioneered IR-Fusion®, which helps instantly spot the location of faults. They virtually jump out at you on the imager's screen.

Power quality analyzers — eliminate power disturbances

Fluke's 43x Series II is the world's only Power Quality analyzer that can monetize the cost of energy waste
due to poor power quality. And Fluke has analyzers combining clamp meter, oscilloscope, and data logger.

Laser Levels — green for highest visibility

Fluke is innovating in new industries like construction, utilities, oil and gas and data centers too. In construction, conventional laser levels use red laser traces, but the human eye is most sensitive to green light. Fluke's green laser has the clearest beams in the construction industry. It also maintains calibration specifications even after a 1 meter drop.

Electrical testers — measure voltage and current in a single step

Another innovation: The latest T6 Electrical Testers save a complete step by measuring voltage and current at the same time. They sense an electrical field in the open fork so you can examine equipment quickly and safely.

Fluke Connect — pulling it all together

Many instruments like the 1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester now include Fluke Connect®, which lets you save equipment measurements to the cloud in a single step. You can trend and monitor intermittent problems, and share them using video calls and e-mails.

Education and training

Fluke is always looking for ways to help you increase your skills with training videos, seminars and webinars, downloadable virtual demos, a test-guide app to guide you through common electrical measurements and Fluke Academy.


And Fluke has dedicated Solution Centers to help you improve your energy efficiency, preventive maintenance and safety procedures. All to keep your world up and running.
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