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Low losses at high frequencies
The new ferrite material PC200 based on MnZn by TDK features low losses at high frequencies. It has been developed especially for power supplies and converters which work with fast switching GaN based power semiconductors. The material is optimized for a frequency range between 700 kHz and 4 MHz. The maximum of the transmitted power is achieved between 1.8 and 2 MHz at 100°C operating temperature. The Curie temperature is over 250°C. 
The PC200 material is extremely well suited for transducers based on ring core or planar core technologies. It's availale in the core shapes EFD, ELP, EQ, ER, I and RM. Because of it's extraordinary material features, much smaller power supplies can be contructed which on top have an even bigger efficiency. Responsible for that is the low dissipation loss of PC200. That's why it's use contributes to an even higher energy efficiency of the application. 
Main applications
Transducers in power supplies and converters based on fast switching GaN based power semiconductors
Main properties and advantages
low dissipation losses in the frequency range between 700 kHz and 4 MHz, highest transmittable power from 1.8 to 2 MHz
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