Measurement for Environmental and Mechanical Testing

Measurement for Environmental and Mechanical Testing

Reliable measuring equipment for environmental variables and force at Bürklin Elektronik

Environmental measurement technology includes all those measuring devices that provide measured values for various environmental factors. They can be used to reliably determine temperature, air flow, gas, pressure, humidity and other environmental factors. Protractors, spirit levels and leveling devices are also part of environmental measurement technology. Our range also includes various measuring devices for determining force, pressure and tension. These devices are not only used in industry and construction, but increasingly also in the private sector.

Various environmental technology products

Temperature and humidity indicators monitor the working and ambient climate and provide reliable warnings when limit values are undercut or exceeded. Special thermometers monitor the temperature of foodstuffs. Among other things, this can ensure that they are still edible after a long period of transport. Leaks in pipes or insufficient insulation are immediately detected by thermal imaging cameras. Force gauges, on the other hand, register the forces and weights acting on products. Also in our product range: weather stations, lux meters, sound level meters, magnetic field testers, conductivity meters and devices for determining the pH value, anemometers and much more.

Advice on your measuring instruments for environmental variables and force at Bürklin Elektronik

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