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Welcome to Bürklin Elektronik.


About us

Find out what our family-run business stands for as well as the beliefs and values that we, at Bürklin Elektronik put into practice every day for you. Goals that we stand by and that our customers and partners can rely on.


Bürklin Elektronik is a wholesale company specializing in high quality electronic components. For our commercial and individual customers, we stock more than 75,000 products from over 500 leading manufacturers in our warehouse. We are continually expanding our selection and we gladly procure products from all major manufacturers worldwide, if we do not have it in stock. We distribute our products through our online store, our annual catalogue and our B & M shop at company headquarters in Oberhaching, near Munich. For over 60 years, our family run business has stood for first-class service and a high level of professional trading expertise. Currently our company boasts about 160 employees.

Our Corporate Vision

Bürklin Elektronik is an electronic components wholesaler. We know the requirements and understand the needs of our customers. Therefore, we can quickly and reliably deliver the right parts. First-class service and high-quality products are our priority. Our operations always carried out in accordance with the values and principles of best business practices. We keep our promises. Our greatest assets are our motivated and well-trained employees.


Our Corporate Guidelines

We offer our customers what they need in the long term.

Over 60 years of knowledge and experience guarantees that we can meet the needs of our customers quickly and reliably. To do so, we continuously update our range of products.

We only deliver high-quality products.

Our customers can be certain that we will always provide them with high-quality goods.

Our products are exchangeable and our services, unique. We offer our clients first-class service throughout the ordering and delivery process. That is what we stand for.

We support sustainable growth and acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment and society.


ISO 9001

Naturally, our quality management system is certified.

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification identifies us as a trustworthy company. The AEO is a customs status for companies, attesting to their reliability and security in international commerce.


For many years we have supported groups and institutions in various fields in the realization of their goals, especially relating to youth and student research.

We emphasize the importance of long-term and sustainable partnerships with regular communication.

If you are interested sponsorship, please send us your sponsorship request: Simply fill out our online sponsorship application and describe your concept.

This is how we assess the possibility of cooperation. We look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in our company!



We are heading towards the future

No other nation in the world loves cars like the Germans. As a result, in this country we are constantly developing new technologies such as electric mobility, in order to meet new challenges such as environmental awareness and sustainability. Car manufacturers’ previous developments in electric cars, however, have lacked inspiration.

This was the motivation and simultaneously the kick-off for the launch of e-gnition Hamburg, the Student Electric Formula Race Team from the Technical University of Hamburg. As a newcomer, team e-gnition competed in season 2011/2012 for the first time at the Hockenheimring and at Silverstone - the most prestigious Student Formula Events in Europe. There they demonstrate how much fun an electric race car can be.

For the construction and manufacturing some 50 students from various engineering disciplines of the TUHH worked to present a fully developed and tested race car. The result was a race car with impressive features: acceleration speeds of up of 100 km/h in less than three seconds were possible.

Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG believes in e-gnition and supports its promising ideas and works by providing vital materials. Without the countless hidden small electronic components, no race car could start.

Our fingers are crossed for the e-gnition team’s victory!

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Progress wins the race

Environmental sustainability is possible in motorsports, the evidence of which, evidence was submitted by the Student Formula Team of the TU Dresden ELBFLORACE.

ELBFLORACE consists of 50 committed students from various disciplines of TU Dresden, including automotive technology, lightweight construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics. With their enthusiasm for racing, they are pursuing an ambitious goal: the successful completion of their entry for the Student Formula Electric construction competition.

The challenge is to design an all-electric race car that meets the highest standards of functionality and economy. In addition to the current interest in politics and the electronics industry, the engineering challenge prioritizes finding new and environmentally friendly technologies and to advance innovative solutions. In motorsports, such technologies undergo a real endurance test, so that they can be used later in series production.

The construction of a pioneering electric car was accomplished by team ELBFLORACE through their self-developed E-STAR system: Education, Safety, Team, Award and Reliability.

Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG does not brake, it accelerates with its sponsorship of ELBFLORACE and the implementation of the ambitious ideas of the engineers of tomorrow.

For more information about ELBFLORACE


Reaching goals with high performance

The electric car of the future is a fascinating subject, particularly today’s youth. In the regenics e.V club, students from various faculties have formed the Electric Formula Regensburg University Team. The name of the club not only invokes Regensburg, but also the necessary ideas for renewable energies that make electro-mobility a sustainable solution.

Approximately 60 highly-motivated members designed and built an electric-powered race car, the RP11e, at the highest level of engineering. The RP11e goes from 0 to 100 km/h, in less than 4 seconds, and thus, a maximum speed of 120 km/h can be reached.

The regenics e.V. competes in the international design competition at the Student Formula Electric competition against the electric cars presented by other universities. It also competes at international events, such as the Hockenheimring, the students put their development to the test. These events consist of two disciplines, the static and the dynamic. In the static disciplines, the Business Plan, Cost Report and Design Report are presented to a world-class jury. The dynamic events include Acceleration, Autocross, Endurance, Skidpad and Efficiency.

The students’ ambitious project has also convinced Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG to support the innovative work of regenics e.V.

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Mission possible

The dream begins – with this slogan, a group of avid satellite students of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), founded the Student Satellite Initiative Munich eV (SSIMUC). Their goal is to gain practical experience in satellite communications and solve real technical problems of space travel.

The central element in this task is the 25 meter high and 300-ton heavy antenna 1 located in Raisting, south of Munich. Students have returned the1964 historic earth station to operation and started their technical conversion - supported by electronic components, sensors and relays supplied by Bürklin Electronics.

At the same time, the students built a smaller and faster 3 m antenna, based on a disused industrial robot at TUM. The students us the two ground stations, to participate in international satellite missions.

With these, they provide an important contribution to the success of the European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO) and the European Student Moon Orbiter (ESMO) - two European Space Agency (ESA) missions for students.

Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG is delighted to be a partner for the whole electronics portion and to encourage the involvement of future engineers to put innovative ideas into action.

For more information about the mission,


In the Pole Position - with Bürklin

The TUfast Racing Team TU Munich is a student association of highly motivated, soon-to-be engineers who have set themselves the annual goal, within the framework of the Student SAE competition, of designing constructing and manufacturing a new Formula One racing car. This is in compliance with the strict rules of Formula SAE and may therefore participate in the related competitions around the world.

At 10 international competitions, they meet race teams from around the world and represent their own university in various disciplines. The competitions take into account not only the dynamic qualities of the cars, but most of all their construction, the costs and the fictitious marketing concept of the racing cars in small series. Likewise, fuel efficiency is incorporated into the review.

Bürklin Electronics promotes the engagement of TUfast Racing Teams and supports innovative developments in the laboratory and the workshop with active and passive components, printed circuit boards for chassis construction and for the installation of the electric circuit, as well as different tools.

This year there is another team on the starting block: The TUfast e-Technology subdivision will also race with an electric race car powered by Bürklin. We wish both teams the TUfast Racing Team and TUfast e-Technology, the best of luck!

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Let us take you on a little journey through time and document the Bürklin Elektronik road from small shop to an international electronics retailer. Bürklin Elektronik was founded in Munich on October 1, 1954 by Dr. Hans Bürklin as a "wholesale and retail trader of radios, spare parts and accessories". The store was located in the city centre at 40 Schillerstrasse. The years of the economic boom (Wirtschaftswunder) allowed the company to grow rapidly: By 1960, there was already a branch at 42 Kölner Straße in Dusseldorf. With the rapid development of class electronics in the 60’s, Bürklin Elektronik increasingly focused on wholesale and mail-order electronic components. In 1962, the first extensive and independently-created catalogue was released, which from that point on, was published every two years. From then on bulk prices were included. In the 70’s and 80’s the Schillerstrasse site expanded steadily. The highly demand-oriented range, the fast delivery speed and top product quality all contributed to this. Since then, the company tag-line “The World of Electronics" underlined this claim.

buerklin mix 1

In 1995, Dr. Hans Bürklin handed the company over to his two sons, Ralph and Achim Bürklin who changed the company to a general partnership a year later. In the same year, Bürklin Elektronik moved into a new building on the other side of the street, made up of three buildings.

Since the late 90’s, the company has offered its products online and has continuously expanded its online store. Due to shorter innovation cycles, the Bürklin catalogue has been published annually since 2006.

Because of the changes in mail ordering due to the Internet, Bürklin Elektronik had to centralize the company: The branch office in Dusseldorf was closed in February of 2009.

Two years later, the company relocated to the industrial area of Oberhaching near Munich. In March 2011, operations began at the new site. By improving the transportation connection and the optimal storage conditions, the company was able to increase its effectiveness in logistic processes. Currently, the warehouse contains more than 75,000 different products in over 10,000 square meters. Because of this, Bürklin Elektronik can handle most orders immediately. About 160 employees now take care of commercial, and increasingly, private customers.

Since the 1st of January in 2014, Bürklin OHG has operated as Bürklin GmbH & Co. In so doing, the family-run company has procured maximum flexibility for the future. The following family members may now participate in the company and offer their ideas.´