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There are issues that are so diverse and fascinating that it is worth taking a look outside the box. Our topics offer background information, application examples and news about different key areas. Therefore we recommend: Regularly visiting our Bürklin topics homepage.

3D printing

Until a few years ago, issues such as cost and time factors still represented barriers in the development of certain products, tools or prototypes. The path from the idea to the finished product has been shortened significantly and became more attractive under financial aspects thanks to the innovative 3D printing technology.

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Any manufacturing services provider handling the complete contract manufacture of electronic modules, equipment and systems is well aware of the responsibilities and high precision demanded for processing these projects. This holds true especially for the crimping issue.

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Here you can read all about the plausible reasons that support the decisions of electrical installation companies, facility managers and property owners in favor of a conversion to LED technology. Secure your free-of-charge initial consultation.

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Discover the latest product solutions from leading manufacturers and profit with Bürklin Electronics from the unlimited possibilities that M2M communication and the Internet of Things are already offering you today.

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Machine engineering

Even the best machines are as good as useless without the best electronics. A machine can only deliver an optimum performance day in, day out if every one of its electronic components is working reliably and is perfectly coordinated with the others.

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Educational institutions

Whether it’s sponsorship activities, educational electronic construction kits or various products with extensive training accessories: We have been supporting educational institutions for many years.

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