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Bürklin Elektronik – A partner for the machine and plant engineering sector

As a partner for the machine and plant engineering sector, we believe in doing everything we can to help you find the right electronic components. You can benefit from our favourable performance and delivery promises and our customised services as well as saving money.

Every machine and plant manufacturer knows that the best machines are as good as useless without the best electronics. A machine can only deliver an optimum performance day in, day out if every one of its electronic components is working reliably and is perfectly coordinated with the others. Decision-makers in plant design, development and production are increasingly demonstrating their confidence in Bürklin Elektronik's range of products and their special performance and delivery promises.

We can supply you with every electronics component you require, for example. Either we already have it in our range or we can procure it from any of the world’s best-known manufacturers. You can also avoid the lengthy research involved in finding individual articles. Just send us your parts list and we will make you an attractive offer for all the electronic components you require. If required, we will custom-assemble your cables and cable harnesses.

However, these are just a few of the many services and benefits we offer. The following pages contain more information about our comprehensive performance and delivery promises and our high-quality products specifically for machine and plant engineering companies.

You will find everything under one roof at Bürklin Elektronik. So why wait? Contact us. We can advise you and we look forward to helping you. We recommend subscribing to our free newsletter to be one of the first to receive regular newsletters with interesting information and offers for the machine and plant engineering sector.

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