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M2M and the Internet of Things open up entirely new dimensions of possibilities - both in the technical area as well as for users. The automated exchange of information between machines or objects simplifies work processes, optimizes business processes and creates entirely new application possibilities for the user.

And developments are moving at tremendous speed. Today’s state of the art can already be overtaken tomorrow. This is why we are compiling interesting facts and news revolving around the topic of “M2M”.

We explain central terms of M2M communication and will be continually updating this page with new contents. Be sure to take a look at the page every now and then, and learn about everything that M2M and Bürklin Electronics makes possible for you!

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When trees speak.

How modern M2M communication technology is applied to put a stop to thieving lumber gangs.

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How exact is exactly in fact?

Processes that require the precision of an atomic clock are connected to a huge technical and financial effort. Read here how you can achieve naerly the same results with the help of smart M2M technology from Furuno – and all at manageable costs.

The professional article is to be read here!

Explanation of the term “Dead Reckoning (DR)”

M2M technology makes it possible: exact determination of position even in tunnels or between houses. The secret at work here is called Dead Reckoning (DR).

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Explanation of the term “The Internet of Things”

What exactly is the Internet of Things? The students of the University of St. Gallen (HSG) have addressed this question and produced an easy to understand and informative video.

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