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TELICOM makes the difference.

Ever since 1988, TELICOM Technology develops high-quality products and solutions for the telecommunication sector, while always working in cooperation with customers. Not the least, this underlines the fact that the Italian specialist for wireless communication technology makes the fine, yet decisive difference.

The result of this close cooperation with inherently creative users is a wide range of great ideas for new applications. Paired with their solid expertise and extensive wealth of experience, the TELICOM experts are able to produce the right technology for the right application.

Under the aspect of functionality and quality, the results suit exactly the expectations of end users.

This Italian company, having a very sensitive nose both for customer requirements and for the current trends of the rapidly expanding market, is the ideal match for the traditional corporate philosophy of Bürklin Elektronik. This is, apart from its reliability and top-of-the-notch products, a vital argument that speaks for our partner relationship with TELICOM. In summary, it is a partner who makes it easy for us to uphold our own quality promise to you.