LED technology from Bürklin Elektronik is used everywhere.

Indoor lighting for halls and production facilities

An optimum illumination is imperative for large indoor areas and perfect color rendition is indispensable in the area of production and logistics. The conversion to LED technology lets you achieve an excellent light quality and color rendition. In addition, you will avoid the use of poisonous mercury in all areas where human beings are at work. Lighting comfort is enhanced and all tasks are much easier to manage.

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Indoor lighting for office areas

It is of importance that the office lighting is well shielded to suppress glare, because this is the only way to ensure productive work conditions on the computer without the risk of fatigue. Modern LED or T5 luminaires can be installed in commonly available suspended ceiling systems and existing obsolete lighting systems can be modernized without great effort.

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Nostalgic design meets state-of-the-art LED technology

Absolutely trendy and very popular – especially in applications for living areas, hotel businesses and catering areas – are lamps with so called filament-style LED technology. They combine the advantages of state-of-the-art LED technology with the nostalgic classical design and the warm relaxing light of light bulbs of the last years. Unlike standard LED lamps, lamps with filament-style LED technology, which are available in different decorative shapes, achieve a smooth all-around lighting due to the arrangement of their LED filaments.

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LED Drivers

For LEDs to achieve their full lighting quality and to avoid flickering during operation, a circuitry is necessary. Those so called LED drivers transform mains voltage into a voltage that is compatible with the corresponding LED lamps.

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Indoor lighting for wet rooms and cold storage facilities

Many lighting systems for wet rooms and refrigerated storage rooms are nowadays implemented using fluorescent tubes. What many people do not realize is the fact that these respond very sensitive to coldness and that their lighting performance deteriorates the lower the temperature is. By contrast, the effect on an LED is exactly the reverse, because its brightness increases when cooled more efficiently. The simplest way is to replace the old tube with new LED tubes. However, it is often possible to gain fast benefits by investing in a new luminaire, because it has no hum or flicker effects and saves you maintenance costs due to its useful life of 50,000 hours.

Outdoor lighting for buildings, parking lots and streets

When using outdoor floodlights, e.g. for the illumination of parking lots, streets or buildings, you mostly need high quantities of light. Since the prohibition of mercury high-pressure lamps, state-of-the-art LED luminaires represent the best alternative as their extended useful life and maintenance intervals will save you lots of money. Another option you have is to replace the mercury vapor lamp with a high-pressure discharge lamp. At the first glance, this may seem to be more cost-effective compared to a new LED light, but you still need to replace the ballast and on expiration of one year you'll be faced with the next maintenance, whereas by contrast, the LEDs will work five times longer.

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