Correct brightness and suitable color temperature

Whoever wants to convert to LED technology should take a number of factors into consideration when selecting the suitable light sources. Of course, these also include the desired brightness and the color temperature. But which Lumen value (brightness unit) of an LED bulb is equivalent to which brightness of a standard, halogen, or energy-efficient bulb? What is the power (measured in Watt) you need accordingly? And which Kelvin value is equivalent to which color temperature with LEDs? We'll be pleased to provide you with answers to these questions in the following overview.

About Lumen and Watt

Different lighting technologies need different amounts of power to generate certain light quantities. As far as that goes, the power (Watt) does not disclose anything about brightness (Lumen). As an orientation, you can find an overview of the values that you can use to compare the different technologies:


Color temperatures ranging from warm to cold

In contrast to other light source technologies, LEDs are capable of generating light of different temperatures. The measuring unit used in this context is Kelvin. Different temperatures can be used depending on the location. Here is a listing of a few standard assignments: