LED competency has a name: Bürklin Elektronik.

L - E - D – in the lighting technology, these three letters stand for extraordinary light quality, maintenance friendliness, cost efficiency and durability. Once installed, the small LEDs save power and operate with impeccable functionality, entirely without mercury and over a very long period of time. Depending on the light source and manufacturer, the LED can reach a useful life from 20,000 to 50,000 operating hours. These advantages will outclass any energy-efficient lamp, which is why it will sooner or later meet the same fate as the filament bulb: It will turn into a fossil. In the various articles you can read all about the plausible reasons that support the decisions of electrical installation companies, facility managers and property owners in favor of a conversion to LED technology.

We'll show you all of the positive aspects encompassing the "LED" topic, as well as the limitations you may by facing. In terms of the "LED" topic, you should therefore regard us both as your distributor and personal consultant. We shall be pleased to be at your service to support your entire conversion process with competent advice and in-situ inspections, provide a sound solution that concludes the end of your planning period, and supply all of the components you need respectively.

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LED in operation

Whether for outdoor or indoor applications for buildings, production facilities, halls or office rooms: Discover more about the versatile LED applications and the suitable solutions of Bürklin Elektronik.

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The LED provides light on and on

LED bulbs reach a record-breaking age compared to standard light sources and, what is more, they are maintenance-free. Here you can find out everything about the benefits in terms of maintenance you will gain when converting to an LED system.

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LED as productive feel-good factor

Dim lighting at work or at the school makes tired and reduces the concentration capabilities. Since daylight is often insufficient to provide a uniform lighting of rooms, LED technology with sophisticated lighting concepts is here a means to support motivation.

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Costly LED – with sustained added values

Discover the different way in which LEDs, thanks to their technical properties and advantages, can contribute to the rapid amortization of the comparably high costs sustained by your procurement and conversion.

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Lumen? Watt is that?

Whoever wants to convert to LED technology should take a number of factors into consideration when selecting the suitable light sources. These also include the desired brightness and the color temperature. The information provided in two graphic images show you how to find your way through the jungle of Lumen, Watt and Kelvin.

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