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3D printing for makers – More than just a toy.

The industrial segment has been able since decades to benefit from 3D printing technology, which facilitated the cost-effective and time-saving production of prototypes and even of products that were ready for series production. A few years ago and for the very first time, compact 3D printers have made their way into the private household environment. Meanwhile, you only need to spend a few hundred Euros for 3D printers that are capable of producing acceptable to excellent print results. There is virtually no limit set to imagination and everything is possible, e.g. small buttons, bath tub plugs, spare parts, jewelry, or model cars.

The fascination of 3D printing

The potential of 3D printing is literally inexhaustible. All inventive minds can deploy it to breathe life into their ideas. Especially model builders can take the full benefit, e.g. complete railway landscapes appear in a new design and it is no longer necessary to rely on factory-made generic houses, railway stations or figures. Every scenery and original location can be reproduced, provided the user has some artistic skills when varnishing or painting the models. However, architects, designers and tinkerers also benefit from the new possibilities, because their design can be realized and inspected at short-term notice within a few hours.

Printing spare parts by yourself

In the course of time, household appliances or electrical devices are subject to wear and tear and it may so happen that you need to replace only a specific small part such as a knob or pushbutton used

to set up a function. Users rather tend to buy a new product under the aspect that this part cannot be purchased separately. This is no longer necessary when using 3D printing, i.e. simply print the small part you need, insert it and you are done with it. Particularly collectors with a bit of skill and technical understanding will be ever so pleased, because they can now deploy a printing technology to quickly reproduce the original shape of spare parts that are no longer available on the market since decades, e.g. a suitable knob for an oldtimer or for a transistor radio.

However, no spare part is going to take shape without a suitable template and all objects need to be constructed or reconstructed on the computer. Particularly helpful for reconstruction tasks are 3D scanners and, meanwhile, standard video cams with corresponding software. In this way, print templates can be saved to memory until eternity and be transferred to other users. Private users of 3D printers have already realized this aspect and founded many constantly growing communities who exchange their templates and design data. Moreover, numerous free-of-charge 3D programs area already available online, enabling users to produce complex designs only a few mouse clicks away. This means that the usage of a 3D printer becomes simpler every day and that an increasing number of users can access this revolutionary technology.

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