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3D printing opens unlimited possibilities in manufacturing.

Until a few years ago, issues such as cost and time factors still represented barriers in the development of certain products, tools, or prototypes. The path from the idea to the finished product has been shortened significantly and became more attractive under financial aspects thanks to the innovative 3D printing technology that offers many advantages. Thanks to the additive production process, you are now able to produce even complex shapes made of different materials in a fast-cost-efficient way and of ultimate quality. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the industrial segment relies on the virtually unlimited possibilities of 3D printers even for series production.

The team of Bürklin Elektronik knows exactly what you need, which is why we now offer you not only 3D printers for different fields of application, but also 3D printing as innovative service. No matter whether you already want to realize specific development and production processes, or whether you are fascinated by this topic and want to get more information about the advantages: Simply get in touch with us and our 3D experts will be pleased to provide you with advice

3D printers for all areas of application

The range from selective laser melting to electron beam melting facilitates an extensive number of 3D printing techniques. Depending on requirements and the fields of application, users can rely on professional industrial printers, or on cost-effective 3D printers. Bürklin Elektronik has accordingly arranged a selection of 3D printers that leaves nothing to desire for you.

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3D printing as service

Professional users who only need a 3D print once in a while are often faced with the fact that the purchase of a printer is a very costly issue. Bürklin Elektronik provides a solution: Once the 3D data is available for the object you want to produce, you can contact us to obtain a fast and cost-efficient print of your object.

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The future is no longer fiction

3D printing technology which was invented in 1983 by the US American Chuck Hull has by now become indispensable in the areas ranging from prototyping to series production. In the following report, get to know the areas in which 3D printing has already rendered the well-proven injection molding process obsolete and what the future holds in store for you when using the innovative 3D printing technology.

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Much more than a toy

3D printing technology fascinates makers and in the recent years has made its way into the private household environment. Meanwhile you only need to spend a few hundred Euros for 3D printers that can produce acceptable to excellent print results. There is virtually no limit set to imagination.

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