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PUBLISHED ON 19.01.2017

Bürklin Elektronik schließt Distributionsvertrag mit TDK

Umfassendes Spektrum an EPCOS und TDK Produkten ab sofort bei Bürklin Elektronik verfügbar

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PUBLISHED ON 30.11.2016

Bürklin Elektronik hilft Oberhaching weihnachtlich zu beleuchten

32 Sterne zieren die Bahnhofsstraße in Oberhaching

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PUBLISHED ON 20.10.2016

Bürklin Elektronik setzt auf JUUNA

Trend Arbeiten 4.0: Arbeitnehmerunterstützung bei Pflegethemen durch intelligenten Einsatz digitaler Plattformen

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PUBLISHED ON 28.09.2016

Bürklin Elektronik schließt Distributionsvertrag für das Molex Industrieprogramm in Europa

34.500 Molex Industrial Produkte neu im Sortiment von Bürklin Elektronik

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PUBLISHED ON 07.09.2016

Bürklin Elektronik auf der Maker Faire Berlin

Mit dem Thema „Bau Dir Deinen eigenen Röhrenverstärker“ wird in Workshops die Kreativität der Besucher herausgefordert

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PUBLISHED ON 11.08.2016

Vollständiges Fastron Sortiment jetzt bei Bürklin Elektronik

Ein Rahmenvertrag besiegelt die Zusammenarbeit und Listung aller Produkte der Firma Fastron bei Bürklin Elektronik

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PUBLISHED ON 03.08.2016

Bürklin Elektronik und CONEC unterzeichnen Rahmenvertrag

Eine große Auswahl an Steckverbinderprodukten kann jetzt über Bürklin Elektronik bezogen werden

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PUBLISHED ON 13.07.2016

Bürklin Elektronik startet neue Themen-Website für den Maschinenbau

Produkte und Dienstleistungen kompakt zusammengefasst in einer neu aufgebauten Themenwelt

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PUBLISHED ON 27.07.2016

Drei neue Gesellschafter bei Bürklin Elektronik

Die jüngste Generation Bürklin ist jetzt im Unternehmen vertreten

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PUBLISHED ON 22.06.2016

Superseal Sortimentskoffer „Made by Bürklin“

904-teiliges Superseal Sortiment im stabilen Raaco-Koffer ab sofort erhältlich

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PUBLISHED ON 22.04.2016

The new online shop has opened

Bürklin Elektronik is opening the new online shop. "Via the six new clearly structured main categories and the improved article filter function, our customers will access their desired articles even faster"...

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PUBLISHED ON 15.03.2016

Bürklin Elektronik extends service with individually assembled cables

Bürklin Elektronik’s new individual assembly service is providing ready-to-use cables and cable looms for various application areas. Here, numerous types with different materials and variable rated voltage and number of conductors are available...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.12.2015

BEPHOS – the first vehicle interior lighting worldwide with app control

Controlling light in all colors by app is already known to users from the home area. Now this experience is also possible in your own car. In collaboration with Bürklin Elektronik...

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PUBLISHED ON 15.11.2015

Bürklin Elektronik concludes official distribution contract with MikroElektronika

Bürklin Elektronik has signed an official distribution contract with MikroElektronika D.O.O. The company based in Belgrade, Serbia offers development boards with numerous expansion possibilities...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics was voted Distributor of the Year

The Best in the Delivery Service Category in the Electromechanical field

In the Electromechanical category, Bürklin Electronics was chosen as the best company in the Delivery Service category. This was the result of the eighth reader poll for "Electronics Distributor of the Year"...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics expands its service in the shop in Oberhaching

More than 75,000 items in stock

"From now on, our clients can view all 75,000 items in our redesigned store and pick them up immediately," said Ralph Bürklin, owner of Bürklin Electronics. The shop at company headquarters in Oberhaching, near Munich...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics celebrates its 60th anniversary with an open house

Colourful framework programming for all ages

Bürklin Electronics is celebrating its 60th anniversary with an open house. On Saturday, July 19, 2014, from 10 am to 3 pm visitors can experience a great program on the premises at 30 Grünwalder Weg in Oberhaching...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics makes a global distribution agreement with Bourns

This agreement reinforces the partnership

Bürklin Electronics has made a global distribution agreement with Bourns Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive industry sensors, circuit protection solutions, inductors...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics AEO (authorised economic operator)

Hauptzollamt gives company coveted AEO certificate

At the beginning of January 2014, Bürklin Electronics received the coveted AEO Certificate from Hauptzollamt München. As an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) within the parameters of EU customs legislation...

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PUBLISHED ON 01.01.2014

Bürklin Electronics paves the way for the future with a new company structure

Bürklin OHG changes its corporate structure: From January 1st 2014, the family-run company from Oberhaching near Munich will operate as Bürklin GmbH & Co. "By doing this, in the forthcoming...

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