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The Weller company has stood for innovation and quality for decades. Founder Carl E. Weller revolutionized the market for soldering equipment, with the patenting of the "Magnastat" soldering iron. Today, the Weller Tools product portfolio includes all components, materials, and equipment for soldering technology.

Whether soldering equipment, soldering tips or individual components for soldering (e.g., solder), numerous products from the manufacturer are available at Bürklin Elektronik.


Weller Tools GmbH: Soldering irons, soldering stations, and soldering guns from Weller dominate the market

Revolution in precision work: With the founding of Weller Manufacturing Co., Carl E. Weller laid the foundation for revolutionizing hand soldering. The US radio electrician developed a soldering technique whereby the tip of the soldering gun heats up in a few seconds and is ready for use. The drive for innovation led to the patenting of the "Magnastat" soldering iron - the special feature of which was the integration of a magnetic element to regulate the temperature of the soldering tip.

After just a few years, the company continued to expand its network of companies. As developments progressed and the number of business customers in Europe grew, sales of temperature-controlled soldering irons and soldering guns increased. The primary sales market was industrial companies. In the meantime, the Weller Tools Germany subsidiary has become the world market leader in the design and production of hand-held soldering equipment.

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Company portrait Weller

Progress needs change: To meet the growing demands of modern industry, Weller relies on continuous optimization and development of its products. In doing so, the company is breaking new ground in the field of process automation and connectivity of systems and devices.

Soldering stations, soldering irons and soldering guns from Weller impress with innovation, performance and efficiency.


Top product categories: Soldering stations, solder fume extraction, soldering tips, desoldering tips and hot air nozzles.

Weller Tools combines tradition and innovation in the manufacture of its products. The result is performance-efficient products that meet the demands of industry and trade and represent technical progress. Weller's top product categories include: Soldering Stations, Solder Fume Extractors, Soldering Tips and Desoldering Tips, and Hot Air Nozzles.


Soldering stations - compact product solutions for electronic precision work

For soldering work on circuit boards, printed circuit boards and the smallest electronic components (e.g., wiring or resistors), soldering stations are indispensable work tools for electronics technicians and engineers. Soldering stations usually include a power supply unit for the power supply, a soldering iron, and a soldering iron rest. Especially in the field of research and development, soldering is a much-used technical process.

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Solder fume extractor for a clean working area

The fumes generated during soldering operations on PCBs, printed circuit boards and components pose a health risk. Depending on the materials processed (e.g., solder), highly hazardous substances can be generated. In order to be able to guarantee the protection of users during soldering work, Weller Tools offers powerful solder fume extraction systems. The manufacturer's products provide solutions tailored to specific needs - e.g., for local extraction, or such as dual extraction systems for two workstations.

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Soldering tips, desoldering tips and hot air nozzles for component installation and removal

Top quality from Weller: The manufacturer offers a wide range of soldering tips for transferring the heat generated by the heating elements to the soldering material and the solder joint. According to the various soldering tasks (e.g., assembly of SMD components on printed circuit boards), differently shaped tips are needed (e.g., chisel-shaped, pencil-sharp, conical, curved or round). Hot air nozzles offer an alternative to conventional soldering with soldering tips. There is no need for direct contact between the soldering iron and the component.

Desoldering stations are indispensable tools for making spot corrections or repairs to circuits or printed circuit boards. The desoldering tips from Weller are characterized primarily by their durability. And in order to keep the surfaces on the circuit boards clean, the use of desoldering pumps is recommended. This makes it easier to remove solder residues or impurities.

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Top products: Soldering station, hot air station and portable solder fume extractors

WE1010 Soldering Station from Weller Tools

The Weller WE1010 soldering station has a power output of up to 70 watts. At the same time, the station is particularly user-friendly and enables soldering work to be carried out quickly, at soldering temperatures of up to 450 °C. Work settings (e.g., the temperature setting of the soldering tip) are easy to make and facilitate the application. Replacing the soldering tips on the soldering iron is also uncomplicated.

The excellent energy management of the soldering station enables time-saving heating and cooling of the soldering tip. Soldering work can thus be carried out quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

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Hot air soldering station of the WT product series from Weller

For gentle and precise heating of solder joints, the 900-watt hot air soldering station of the WT product series is recommended. And the brushless turbine ensures an optimum hot air setting. To this end, the product allows five pre-programmable settings to simplify the work process.

The hot air soldering station is particularly advantageous for desoldering work. The solder joint can be deliberately heated carefully until the solder material has melted. Afterwards, the SMD components can be easily removed with tweezers or small pliers. When using the hot air soldering station, no direct contact of SMD component, hot air gun, soldering material and board is necessary. The airflow of the hot air gun heats the solder joint and the applied solder.

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Portable fume extractor for two workstations

To direct fumes away from the solder joint, it is recommended to use a solder fume extractor. The Zero Smog TL extractor from Weller Tools is a portable unit for up to two workstations. Depending on the intensity of use of the respective extraction nozzles, the use of the fine dust pre-filters varies in intensity - therefore, the pre-filters can be replaced separately. In addition, the unit has a filter with activated carbon foam, for gas cleaning.

The exhaust pipe can be mounted directly at the workplace. The angle of the discharge pipe is flexibly adjustable. Installation is quick and easy to implement thanks to Weller's Easy-Click system.

Good to know: The solder fume extractor has a filter area of 2.4 square meters - the size enables a longer service life of the device. The integrated electronic filter monitoring shows the pollutant load in the filters. The filter change intervals are automatically set by the extractor (depending on usage and workload).

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