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Automation technology, electronic components, and electromechanical parts - Panasonic, as a global producer, focuses on innovative and performance-efficient system solutions for various industries.

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From the Far East to the whole world - Panasonic

Konosuke Matsushita founded the Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works company in 1918. Later, under the name Panasonic, the company was to develop into one of the world market leaders in the field of electronic and electrical parts and components. Since its beginnings, Panasonic has stood for innovation, entrepreneurship, and reliability.

In 1962, the first European sales office was opened in Hamburg. With over 35 locations in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Panasonic has an extensive sales and marketing network.

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Company portrait Panasonic

Meanwhile, Panasonic operates in various markets and pushes the development of holistic and sustainable product solutions for numerous industrial sectors (for example, automotive, energy, ecology and system solutions or Industry of Things).

The manufacturer's latest industrial solutions: innovative semiconductor substrate material, power-efficient consumer batteries, halogen-free R-5410 multilayer PCB material, R35K series connectors, polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors, and anti-reflective films for automotive displays.


Top product categories: Industrial relays, PhotoMOS relays and axial fans.

Manufacturing, logistics, sales, as well as the public service, avionics and entertainment sectors form the central business areas for the Japanese company's product solutions. To this end, Panasonic offers both integrated systems and individual components. The portfolio ranges from resistors, relays, Fi switches and sensors to switching systems and axial fans.


Industrial relays for switching circuits

Remotely operated switching elements or industrial relays are used for switching circuits by means of a control voltage. Industrial relays (power relays) are robust and compact for the benefit of the application. The design increases the durability of these electronic components: Embedded in a sturdy protective housing, they are more resistant to external influences.

Industrial relays are used in domestic installations, in mechanical and plant engineering, and in various automation areas. Industrial relays enable, for example, the control of lighting systems, filters, fans (for example axial fans), pumps or lifting systems.

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Axial fan

To ventilate equipment, systems, or circuits, it is necessary to install a fan. Among the most common models are so-called axial fans. The decisive advantage is the high air throughput. Even with a low height, axial fans allow maximum air circulation. Fans of this type are available for use with AC or DC power.

Smaller standard models are suitable for computer ventilation. For use in industrial facilities, versions with greater robustness and power reliability are recommended.

About Panasonic axial fans


PhotoMOS relays for switching DC and AC currents

Panasonic's PhotoMOS relays are solid state relays using MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) technology. With the help of MOSFET, the current from the battery or accumulator can be switched directly to the drive/motor. Primary applications are amplification circuits where the device is used as a currentless controllable switch. For example, in DC/DC converters, in medical technology, in the automotive sector and in drive authorization systems or motor control systems.

Relays from Panasonic are characterized by a long service life and high vibration and shock resistance (without arcing). The components are available in various pin packages (4-, 6-, 8- and 16-pin).

About Panasonic's PhotoMOS relays


Top products: Relays and DC axial fans from Panasonic

Single relay - 2-Changer of the manufacturer series DS2E

The failure rate of signal relays is very low, which makes them suitable for safety-related circuits (e.g., in the field of medical technology). Due to their low profile, Panasonic's signal relays are easier to mount on printed circuit boards. Monostable relays have one response wave, and a preferred failure direction is provided.

The DS2E series of 2-coil signal relays are designed for a switching current of two amps and a coil voltage (DC) of 24 volts.

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DC axial fan from Panasonic - ASFN 60372

The axial DC fan with two precision ball bearings has an integrated rotation sensor to detect potential blockages. Built-in rotation sensor to be able to interrogate potential blockages. The DC axial fan allows different speed regulations - according to the respective application.

Reverse polarity and overload protection functions prevent failure of the component to protect other electronic and electrical components of this type. The service life of the product is 70,000 hours of use.

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AQY series PhotoMOS relays

Panasonic PhotoMOS relays are solid state relays using MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) technology. The semiconductor is controlled by voltages and is suitable for both analog and digital integrated circuits. The relays offer low CxR values and effective optical isolation between input and output.

Other advantages include fast switching time, long life and high vibration and shock resistance (without arcing).

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