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EPCOS: manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems

EPCOS AG, a TDK Group company, develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems focusing on the technologically demanding growth markets of automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics, as well as information technology and telecommunications. The company is very well positioned globally to work with its customers to develop solutions that go beyond standard products.

EPCOS employs 23,000 people at around 20 development and production sites and makes use of its close-knit sales network. EPCOS and its business are characterized by globalization and cultural diversity. EPCOS has employees, customers and partners in many countries around the world. Together they form a network characterized by the exchange of knowledge and trade relationships, intercultural cooperation and individual development opportunities.

This is what EPCOS is all about:

  • Quality
  • Global presence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental protection

EPCOS Products TDK Europ

EPCOS capacitors

Capacitors are used in all areas of electrical engineering and electronics. They store electrical charges and filter currents and voltages. The portfolio includes aluminum electrolytic and foil capacitors, whose main areas of application are power supplies and converters. Power capacitors ensure a stable power supply, for example in electric trains. In addition, power capacitors are key components for high-voltage DC transmission, with which electrical energy is transmitted over long distances with low loss.

Inductors from EPCOS

Inductors often perform two basic functions of electrical engineering at the same time: filtering currents and storing electromagnetic energy. Ferrites, on the other hand, are the heart of inductors and bundle electromagnetic fields for the transmission of electrical signals and powers. Inductors are used, for example, in switching power supplies for information and communication technology applications as well as in automotive, industrial and entertainment electronics. In addition, components are also manufactured that ensure electromagnetic compatibility and thus trouble-free operation of all types of electrical equipment. Ferrites form the basis of most inductors.n

Thermistors and varistors from EPCOS

Thermistors and varistors are variable resistors. With thermistors, the value of the resistance depends on the temperature. Thermistors are used - as PTCs, i.e. PTC thermistors - e.g. to protect motors. If the motor heats up too much, the current is limited or switched off. Varistors are controlled by the applied voltage. They are used to protect devices and circuits against overvoltage.

EPCOS interference filters

When it comes to ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), EMC components are indispensable key products. EPCOS offers the world's largest range of EMC components.


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