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B22, E14, E27 light bulb sockets

B22, E14, E27 light bulb sockets

The E27 thread identifier refers to the most common socket for standard 230 volt lamps. They are made of plastic, porcelain and metal and can take illuminants of up to 100 watts. For simple, quick operation certain models are already equipped with rocker or pull switches. The E14 is the little sister of the E27 socket. It usually takes 40-watt lamps, while, on rare occasions, 60-watt lamps can also be used. Thus, candle-shaped glass bulbs are mounted e.g. in ceiling and wall lamps or chandeliers. Standard glass bulbs can be found for instance in refrigerators and ovens. While all category E light bulb sockets of have a threaded base socket, B22 sockets feature bayonet base sockets. They are primarily used in equipment and machines, for example in car headlights, as they are insensitive to vibration and shock.