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Appliance power cord, Europe, 1.2 m, German Schuko-style plug, mounted

  • Connection 1 design: Straight 
  • Port version (2): C13 coupling, mounted 
  • Connection 2 design: Straight 
  • Rated current: 10 A
  • Unique characteristic: for high-end audio applications 
Order No. 88 F 4000
Manufacturer No. 10498

This product is no longer available.

Appliance power cables to IEC 2 for high-end audio applications, type TTAF.

Prime quality, developed for high-grade high-end equipment; Contacts: Rhodium-plated. Conductor: ultra pure OFC stranded copper wire. Shielding: per wire and overall shielding. Insulation: triple. Outer insulation: stable PUR in robust fabric. Rated current: 10 A. Rated voltage: 250 V. Capacitance: 73 pF/m. Resistance: 8.0 ohm/km. Cable length: 1.2 m.


Type: 10498, high-end appliance power cable

Country code Europe
Length 1.2 m
Port version (1) German Schuko-style plug, mounted
Connection 1 design Straight
Port version (2) C13 coupling, mounted
Connection 2 design Straight
Rated current 10 A
Unique characteristic for high-end audio applications
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