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Adapter, Converters, Docking Stations

Adapter, Converters, Docking Stations

Docking stations are practical helpers, which make the additional connection cable to the computer unnecessary. Many peripherals such as cameras, mobile phones and memories can be connected directly to the station. Placed on the desk, USB docking stations spare you that tedious plugging in often hard to reach USB ports on the PC. Thanks to the USB 3.0 connectivity standard, which is backward compatible with previous versions, data are transmitted instantly. In addition, battery-operated devices can be charged when a wall charger is not available. Special HDD docking stations are also connected directly to a USB port on the PC or laptop. Thereafter, the drive can be plugged in just as easily as a smart phone and is ready for use. No additional power supplies or cables are required. This is especially useful when larger files are to be backed up and exchanged between several computers.

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