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Gas Soldering Irons

Gas Soldering Irons

Gas soldering irons are hand tools in the field of soldering technology, whose basic functions can be extended or supplemented with various accessories. Mobile gas soldering irons, which can also be used outdoors for example, are not called multifunctional tools without reason: In addition to the thermal soldering process, some of them can also be used for hot cutting and welding.

Gas soldering irons are available in different sizes (e.g. mini gas soldering irons) and with different heating times. Gas soldering iron sets prove to be particularly practical - these are offered in both the basic and the professional versions and contain, in addition to high-quality gas soldering irons, the appropriate accessories (e.g. spare soldering tips and sponges for cleaning). 

Attention: The handling of gas soldering irons and the suitable accessories is not harmless due to the high heating of the soldering tip and should only be carried out when sufficient precautions have been taken for occupational safety.

Order Gas Soldering Iron and Accessories from Bürklin

Whether as a set, individually or with practical accessories - our range of gas soldering irons is extremely diverse. Discover the gas refill bottles, mini gas soldering irons and much more at attractive prices at Bürklin Elektronik and benefit from our fast and safe shipping.

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