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ESD office supplies

ESD office supplies

ESD office materials can be used to describe aids which serve to document results or to organize workstations and which are made of materials with controlled conductivity. In order to avoid the risk of damage to sensitive components during electronic work, antistatic rooms, so-called zones with ESD protection are set up for this purpose. These are to be equipped exclusively with appropriate ESD office material in order to be able to guarantee permanent protection against electrical discharge.

All utensils that are used in regular offices are also offered as ESD office material - there are therefore hardly any restrictions in the designated antistatic rooms. The following conductive aids are examples of ESD office materials:

  • Files
  • Letter trays
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Laminating foil
  • Delivery note pockets
  • Terminal boards

ESD office supplies - the right equipment for the anti-static work place.

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