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Smoke Detector Test Sprays

Smoke Detector Test Sprays

Although modern optical smoke detectors have sensitive sensors and long-life batteries, it is essential to check their functionality at regular intervals (recommended: at least once every six months). Instead of simulating the spread of smoke independently and in a risky way, for example by means of cigarette smoke, smoke detector test sprays should be used. With the aid of such test gases, photoelectric smoke detectors can be triggered in a targeted and controlled manner.

Smoke detector test sprays can be used in all environments with scattered light smoke detectors - in addition to industrial plants and public spaces, of course, also in your own home. The application is very simple: For only a few seconds and from a distance of about 30 to 40 cm, the residue-free evaporating smoke detector test spray is sprayed onto the warning detector.

If the alarm sounds, the functionality of the device is confirmed. If, however, the warning signal does not emit a signal, it must be checked for a possible defect and the batteries replaced if necessary. Smoke detector test sprays themselves do not cause any damage - they are gentle on materials and free of any solids that could impair the sensitive sensors of the warning detectors

Order Safe Smoke Detector Test Sprays from Bürklin Elektronik

We carry tested smoke detector test sprays from various manufacturers in different quantities. In our extensive range you will also find suitable detectors for smoke, gas or temperature as well as some practical measuring instruments for environmental variables and force. If you have any questions about our smoke detector test sprays or any other of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone: +49 89 55875-230.

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