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Universal Controller

Universal Controller

Universal controllers are true all-rounders amongst mounted measuring devices. They usually have a universal sensor input for standard temperature sensors, standard signals and potentiometers as well as a display unit and a control output. The processing of different types of input signals qualifies universal controllers for industrial measurement and control tasks.

Common universal controllers perform simple control tasks with low accuracy requirements such as on/off control and similar functions. However, more complex control tasks are also possible with individual configuration. For example, continuous control allows virtually loss-free intervention in processes in order to regulate temperature settings or valve or engine processes.

Integrated in programming, control or operating technologies, universal controllers are the optimum solution for demanding applications such as:

  • Heat and building management
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Laboratory processes
  • Fish farming
  • Alarm Systems

High-quality universal controller convince with an excellent display as well as a robust housing. They are easy to integrate into processes and offer an internal memory for control parameters, so that they can be accessed as required.

All the advantages of Bürklin for your displays with control function

Bürklins extensive range of built-in measuring instruments such as display and multi-function devices certainly includes the right control and measuring technology for your application.

Benefit from the detailed advice of our trained service team when purchasing your universal controller: You can reach us Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. by telephone at +49 89 55875-230, by e-mail ( or via the online contact form.

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