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Vibration and Rotational Speed

Vibration and Rotational Speed

Vibration meters and tachometers, like other length and angle measurement measuring instruments, are hand-held instruments for measuring, collecting and analyzing data.

Tachometers are available as both mechanical and electronic measuring instruments. The compact tool is used to calculate revolutions per time unit. This means that a manual tachometer can be used to determine not only the rotational speeds of rotating objects but also the speeds and lengths of treadmills. The application areas of the devices include the preventive maintenance and servicing of machines and systems by checking motors, shafts and fans.

Vibration meters, on the other hand, detect machine vibrations. The portable devices are used to monitor the condition of machines and systems by measuring vibration and oscillations. Vibration measuring instruments recognize parameters such as vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement. Unusual vibration values are caused by unbalance, misalignment and other damage and can be an indication of imminent machine failure.

The vibration meters and tachometers in Bürklins online range are characterised by intuitive handling, digital or analogue displays and innovative sensor design.

Vibration Meters and Tachometer for reliable machine monitoring

Bürklin offers vibration measuring instruments as well as speed measuring instruments in simple and high quality versions to identify deviations at an early stage and to prevent problems by corrective measures.

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